CST Connect

Central States Telecom has evolved into more than just a phone system company. We connect our customers with their customers, their vendors, and their families.

We connect:

  • Their telecommunications
    • phones
    • periferals - headsets, paging, video/audio conferencing
    • services
    • we are their liaison to the phone companies
  • video serveilance
  • their network
    • cabiling
    • switches
    • wireless access points
  • their connections to the internet
    • security applications
  • we maintain their total solution with factory trained authorized technicians
  • we monitor their equipment 24/7/365 via the CST Connect server
    • proprietary system built by Uncommon Networks

We don't do servers, yet.

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Spectrum BCP and Coax Internet Technical Support

Phone number: 888-892-2925
This is for analog (BCP) voice services and Coax (HSD) Internet Services.